A one-off 1977 Pontiac Trans Am previously owned by Burt Reynolds was sold at an auction for $480,000.

The car which is currently in mint condition was used to promote the original Smokey and the Bandit movie that came out on May 27, 1977. After serving its marketing purposes, the Pontiac Trans Am was handed over as a gift to Burt Reynolds and now the car was sold by Julien's Auctions for a whopping $480,000. The special Trans Am has a gold plaque on the driver's door saying "1977 Pontiac Trans Am Owned By Burt Reynolds" and can also be distinguished by the customized "Bandit" logo.

The Trans Am was part of a lot which included other items related to the movie such as western-themed shirts, saddles, chaps, Bandit-themed golf cart (sold for $13,750) as well as a 1997 Dodge Ram (with Burt Reynolds's portrait as the Bandit on the hood) which was sold for $17,500. In addition, someone paid $34,375 for the motorized stagecoach built specifically for Reynolds's wedding to Loni Anderson.

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