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No vehicle as heavy as the GMC Hummer EV can be this quick, can it? Believed to tip the scales at a whopping 9,046 pounds (4,103 kilograms), the tri-motor version is far from being the Miata of trucks when it comes to weight. Despite its heft, the reborn Hummer with its 1,000-horsepower flagship version hits 60 mph in around three seconds per GM's estimations.

General Motors is providing a glimpse of the electric super truck's acceleration capabilities by showing off its patriotic-themed Watts to Freedom mode, just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. WTF is marketing speak for the Hummer EV's launch control and is demonstrated here in a publicity stunt by showing a prototype hitting around 71 mph (114 km/h).

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Eagled-eyed viewers will notice the squeaky-clean truck from the beginning picks up quite a lot of dirt by the end of the video, which can only mean the clip is a montage of several runs. It's far from being the most compelling video of the Hummer EV's WTF mode, but seeing such a large and heavy vehicle hunker down as the driver slams on the accelerator pedal is a special sight.

Even though it weighs more than a diesel-powered GMC Sierra 3500HD crew cab with dual rear wheels (8,355 lbs / 3,790 kg), the new Hummer promises to deliver supercar-like acceleration. It's just as quick to 60 mph as a current-gen Ford GT even though it's nearly three times heavier, primarily thanks to the immense instant torque delivered by the three motors. It's not the 11,500 lb-ft advertised by GMC because that refers to wheel torque, but likely in or near the five-digit territory.

As a refresher, only the Edition 1 fitted with all the bells and whistles will be going on sale this fall, priced at $112,595. Next fall, the EV3X will be launched at $99,995 with the tri-motor setup, adaptive air suspension, WTF mode, four-wheel steering (CrabWalk), and other goodies. The two-motor EV2X will arrive in spring 2023 from $89,995 while the base EV2 is due in spring 2024 with fewer standard features for $79,995.

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