King Felipe VI of Spain has received a very nice surprise from SEAT during his visitation at the company’s plant in Martorell, Spain.

He once more came face-to-face with his first ever car – a 1.5-liter metallic gold SEAT Ibiza which his father, then the King Juan Carlos, gave him for his 18th birthday in 1986. The car has been fully restored by specialists from the manufacturer and currently in is basically new condition. It has covered 150,000 km (94,448 miles) and the most difficult part of the restoration was getting the fuel system running again, since the car had not been on the road for many years.

This is not exactly a stock Ibiza because it has a Porsche-sourced petrol injection system and an air conditioning. These features have been available for the model two years later.

“I imagine he recalled his first car, his student days, his 18 years…”, commented Isidre López, head of Classic Cars at SEAT. Interestingly, the car won’t be gifted to the King, but will go into SEAT’s collection of more than 250 classic cars.

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