Jaguar Land Rover is previewing a new technology called "360 Virtual Urban Windscreen" featuring transparent roof pillars.

The pillars are not transparent per se as the technology consists of installing exterior cameras covering the angles which are obscured by blind spots and then showing the footage on screens installed on the pillars. Thanks to this equipment, drivers would have a better view of the surroundings and will be able to easily detect pedestrians, cyclists and other cars, thus decreasing the risks of an accident.

Interestingly, when the driver indicates to change direction and moves their head, the system will automatically make the left or right pillar "transparent" which would also be very useful when arriving at a junction.

We remind you JRL also previewed a transparent hood in the Discovery Vision concept which used the same technology featuring cameras installed in the front grille and the feed was transmitted to a head-up display on the windscreen.

Jaguar Land Rover is also working on a technology called Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation which projects the image of a vehicle in front of the driver's car to follow until reaching destination.

Transparent pillar technology previewed by Jaguar Land Rover [video]