There's much we still don't know about the next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor. What will it look like? What's under the hood? And perhaps the question American truck fans are most interested in, will it be sold in the States? We still have a while until those questions are answered, but the latest batch of spy shots does offer more clues to ponder.

Camouflage is still heavy, but the high-resolution images let us hone in on the grille and headlights a bit better. Familiar Ford branding on a mesh-style grille should be the order of the day, with a pair of C-ringed headlights flanking it on either side. If you think this is similar to the current-generation F-150, you're absolutely right. When the camo finally peels away, we're expecting the new Ranger and its follow-up Raptor variant to borrow heavily from the popular full-size pickup. So there's one question mostly answered.

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We also have high-resolution shots at the rear, and this time around, that's where the excitement is found. For starters, there's a style bar behind the cab that we haven't seen before. It looks like the same setup you get on Ranger variants in markets outside the US, notably the Wildtrak and yes, the current Raptor. If the meaty tires and camouflaged rear axle weren't enough to convince you this is a Raptor prototype, the style bar should seal the deal.

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We also get a decent look at the taillights, and once again, F-150 influence is present with a C-shaped motif. In profile, we don't see much difference between this truck and the current model but the prominent dual exhausts certainly stand out. We've seen duals on previous test vehicles, and that suggests a twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine is under the hood. That potentially answers question number two, and to take our speculation a step further, such power suggests that maybe, just maybe, Ford will offer it in the States.

That said, we'll burst the bubble just a bit by drawing your attention to the passenger side window on the photos. Yeah, that's actually the driver side for this truck – it's a right-hand-drive prototype so that's a strike against a US appearance. Then again, a previous video sighting of an alleged Ranger Raptor had the driver on the left side, so for that question anyway, we're still pretty sketchy.

Full disclosure almost certainly won't happen this year. The standard next-gen Ranger hasn't appeared yet, so we're banking on a 2022 Ranger Raptor debut for the 2023 model year.

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