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If you've been patiently waiting to take delivery of a 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser, your order might have been delayed. A car carrier trailer packed with brand-new LC300s was involved in an accident, and judging by the aftermath, it's safe to say it was more than just a fender bender. A video is making the rounds on social media showing several SUVs, most of which appear to be totaled.

Details are slim at the moment of writing, but we do know the incident took place while the SUVs were headed to a dealership. It happened in Salalah, the third-largest city in Oman as Toyota is prioritizing the Land Cruiser's rollout in Arab countries where the reputable off-roader is a huge commercial success. In fact, car trailers with the undisguised LC300s were spotted in that part of the world even before the official premiere on June 9.


The first video shows a total of four damaged Land Cruisers, some of which were destroyed beyond recognition. The second video attached to the Instagram post is older as it was taken shortly after the accident, with the car trailer and the SUVs it was carrying on their sides while another LC300 must've fallen off the platform. The third slide of the social media post depicts a wrecked vehicle on the side of the road with damages just about everywhere you look.

It's unclear at this point whether the car carrier's driver was injured in the accident and exactly how many Land Cruisers have been destroyed. Deliveries of the new-generation SUV started weeks ago and the vehicle is already performing its police car duties in the neighboring United Arab Emirates sharing land borders to the northwest of Oman.

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