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The original The Fast & The Furious may have Brian's Toyota Supra as its star, but we all know that it has a supporting cast of equally great builds that need your attention. One of those is Vince's Nissan Maxima, and someone has created a fantastic-looking replica of the blue Japanese sedan.

Dominic Dubreuil (Dom Dub on YouTube) created the car, which he claims to be the first screen and spec-accurate Maxima clone from the movie. He has already done a replica of Brian's Mitsubishi Eclipse, as well as Jesse's white VW Jetta that was revealed to the actor Chad Lindberg himself in 2017.

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Just like its celebrity counterpart, the Dubreuil's Maxima also come with Stillen kits, along with Stillen brakes, TSW wheels, and the air-brushed graphics that the original car had. It even has a set of Bomex mirrors designed for an S14 Nissan 240SX, which fits the Maxima quite nicely.

Inside, the details from the movie car are apparent, including the blue suede upholstery, Clarion head unit, and the massive JBL sound system. It also has the screen on the headrests, while a tuner magazine gave Dubreuil the idea to add the HKS boost gauge in the center console's cupholder area that wasn't even shown in the original Fast & Furious film.

This is a seriously sweet build, and we commend Dubreuil for the final product after months of working on it. Although, his plan to reveal the car to Matt Schulze (the actor who played Vince) and Craig Lieberman (owner of the original Maxima) didn't happen due to pandemic restrictions.

Then again, Dubreuil has revealed that his next project would be Letty's Nissan 240SX, so that's something we can watch out for.

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