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Hyundai is on a hot streak with its N Performance line. Here in the US, buyers can get their hands on the 275-horsepower (205-kilowatt) Veloster N, soon to be joined by go-fast versions of the Kona crossover and Elantra sedan. In Europe and elsewhere, Hyundai offers hot N variants of the i20 and i30 – both in sedan and hatchback flavors. Plus there's a bevy of other warm N Line options worldwide.

So as a fun nod to its half-dozen or so global performance offerings, Hyundai's N Worldwide Instagram page teamed up with Etherfield Games of Hungary to transform a few of its production models into adorable pixel art characters. And we love all of them equally.

The Veloster N, i20, i30, and Kona all got the eight-bit treatment, with each one of those pixelized vehicles parked in front of a global landmark. The Kona N calls the Golden Gate Bridge home, the i30 N sits across the bay from the Sydney Opera House, the i20 N is pictured both on the Nurburgring and in front of the Arc de Triomphe in France, and the Veloster N stands tall in front of the Gwanghwamun temple in South Korea.


"We had the opportunity to work with Hyundai N Worldwide to introduce the N series…" Etherfield Games notes in an Instagram post. "It was fun taking these cars to some famous landmarks. It's an honor to be part of their collaboration series."

Hopefully we'll see more cars in the N Performance range soon. Hyundai has already teased the upcoming Elantra N for the US, complete with motorsport-inspired cues, and the new Kona N goes on sale this fall with 276 hp (205 kW) under the hood. We'll even see N Line versions of crossovers like the Tucson and Santa Fe – and who knows, maybe the Santa Cruz pickup will get the same sporty treatment too.

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