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Here in Motor1, we’ve seen a healthy share of flying vehicles making emergency landings on unintended areas. This is one of them, and it involves a hot air balloon that had to land on a busy thoroughfare.

According to reports, the hot air balloon here is part of the Great Texas Balloon Race, which is a hot air balloon festival in the Lone Star State that commenced in the '70s. Held every summer, there wasn’t any festival last year due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

The incident, caught in the video embedded atop this page, happened in Longview, Texas on Loop 281 on July 18, 2021. The balloons were on a flight over the city when one of them had to make an emergency landing.

According to pilot Pat Cannon of Lewisville, Texas, they had to find a landing spot because the wind just vanished that afternoon.

At that moment, Cannon had to choose to land on the road instead of the trees and power lines. Needless to say, setting down amid a narrow window needed some skills and thankfully, the pilot had plenty of them.

"We came over the trees and I saw this clearing, and said you know what? I’ll stop traffic," Cannon said in a KLTV interview.

The hot air balloon landing was relatively calm compared to airplanes doing emergency landings on thoroughfares. We’ve seen several instances of which before and thankfully, no one was hurt on those instances.

That said, thanks to the skillful pilot of the hot air balloon and helpful motorists of Loop 281, everyone was safe during the emergency landing and it didn't end up in an accident.

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