A mechanic working at Steve's Imports in Portland was caught by a red light camera while driving a customer car.

After failing the emissions test, the owner of a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero took her car to the Steve's Imports to get the problem fixed even though the business is in fact a repair and body shop that doesn't specialize in handling issues regarding emissions.

She paid a hefty $2,299 for the repair and this is where the story really gets interesting as she received a call from the body shop, notifying her that a repairman was spotted driving the Montero in an intersection by a camera while running a red light. As a consequence, the woman was informed that she should expect a ticket which eventually arrived.

Steve Spinnett is the owner of the shop and declared his son Tommy was driving the Montero at 2:59 AM when the attached image was captured.  Apparently the woman on the passenger seat was a "family friend" he picked up from a concert and the reason why he took the car was because it was part of a drive cycle for which the shop doesn't charge extra when conducted after hours.

It should be mentioned the owner of the car needed to pass the emissions test to acquire the new license plates but the ones fitted to the Montero driven by Tommy over the entire weekend were expired.

Mechanic driving customer car spotted by red light camera [video]