Giving up a normal home for full-time living on the road isn't for everyone. Consolidating into a large RV is one thing, but this adventurous couple moved into a Ram ProMaster cargo van that was completely empty inside. With plenty of elbow grease and a few tips from the #Vanlife crowd, they turned this work van into one of the coziest, best-equipped small campers we've ever seen. Hell, it's not even a camper van. It's a straight-up home. 

Meet Brandon, Sarah, their two dogs, and the ProMaster 3500 they call home. Recently featured on Tiny Home Tours, the couple ditched the daily routine in 2019 and built this impressive mini-RV from the ground up. We mean that in every possible way – their Instagram page chronicles the build, from the floors to the cabinets, insulation, wiring, you name it. The neat ceiling is stained cedar on quarter-inch plywood. The cabinets are all custom-built, not to mention the platform bed that hides a sizable garage underneath. The Ram's stock front seats were swapped for swivel chairs, meaning the entire van is part of the living area.


Does this van really have all the amenities of a big motorhome? The kitchen consists of a three-burner propane stove with a 17-inch oven, a large sink, and a 5.6 cubic-foot 12-volt refrigerator. On top of all that is counter space, even on the stove which has a top that easily stows for cooking. The driver seat swivels to meet the kitchen table for a cozy dining room, and the table also retracts to the floor to create a modest sofa that faces the sliding door and whatever heavenly view is on the other side.

Moving further back, a large closet sits next to the fridge, and the door serves a secondary purpose to provide extra privacy for both the bedroom, and the cassette toilet that slides out from beneath the bed. Speaking of the bedroom, the bed spans the full width of the van at the very back and it's elevated to provide "garage" storage underneath. That's where you'll find the van's propane and water tank, the latter of which holds 40 gallons. It's also where the shower is located, though technically it's an external shower with the rear doors and a curtain providing privacy.

Electricity comes from a 350 Amp-hour battery that's kept full by 600 watts of solar power on the roof. According to the video, the solar juice is enough to keep the battery nearly full, though this van does lack higher-draw items like a rooftop air conditioner. One of the nice things about vanlife though ... if it's too hot where you're at, just drive somewhere cooler.

Such living certainly isn't for everyone, but Brandon and Sarah's beautiful home on wheels and their website LivingInAdvance sure have us thinking twice about going mobile.

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