Electrification is inevitable, and the Volkswagen Group probably knows that better than any other automotive conglomerate. Its Czech division Skoda dipped its toes in the EV pool with the short-lived Citigo-e iV before launching its first dedicated electric vehicle with the Enyaq iV. A sister model of the VW ID.4, the large electric SUV will soon spawn a coupe-styled version with a swoopy roofline in the same vein as the upcoming ID.5.

There's more to come on the EV front from Skoda as CEO Thomas Schäfer announced today at least three new zero-emissions cars are planned to come out by 2030. All of them will slot below the Enyaq iV in terms of pricing and size, but other details are not available for the time being. One is expected to be a small hatchback twinned with the VW ID.1 (name not confirmed) and SEAT's equivalent while another will be a more compact crossover.

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As for the third EV, it's expected to fit in the same segment as the best-selling Octavia, but likely as an entirely different model on a dedicated electric car platform. It's a strategy we will be seeing on at least one other VAG brand, with Audi planning combustion- and electric-powered versions of the same model lineup before switching to EV power altogether in 2033.

In related news, the man in charge at Skoda ruled out a Fabia RS based on the supermini's new generation, claiming it's tricky to build a business case for a hot hatchback. He also excluded the possibility of entering the North American market even though the company plans to expand in other markets in its quest to reach 1.5 million annual sales by 2030.

In regards to its flagship model, the Superb, we asked Thomas Schäfer about whether it will continue in liftback and wagon versions. He confirmed both body styles will be available, and it's worth reminding that Skoda will also build the Passat. The equivalent VW will allegedly come only with a long roof, but nothing is official at this point.

By the end of the decade, Skoda expects EVs to account for 50-70 percent of its European sales. It also aims to halve fleet emissions by 2030 when all three of its Czech plants will be carbon neutral.

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