Today, if you want to buy a high-riding Jaguar, you have plenty of options to choose from starting with the entry-level E-Pace. But in about five years from now, the British automaker will offer you just a single SUV model - the replacement of the I-Pace, which will be the only Jag crossover to survive the brand’s transition to an electric vehicle manufacturer. 

This is what Jaguar’s new boss Thierry Bollore confirmed to Autocar in a recent interview also adding that the marque will reinvent itself with a range of new models that don’t have direct competitors on the market. Simply put, Jaguar will follow Land Rover’s positioning strategy but will offer its customers uniquely shaped, lower-slung cars.

“Today, when you listen to customers, they see [a Jaguar], like the car and test the car, and they still go and buy an Audi or a BMW,” Bollore explains the nature of the problem. “That’s the problem. People buy the originals, then. We aren’t the originals. We have to get the positioning of Jaguar much different, higher and more original.”

We are impressed by the sincerity with which Jag’s head honcho speaks about the brand’s current strategy and actually, this isn’t the first time we are hearing Bollore talk about the problems behind the curtains. A few months ago, he admitted the quality of Jaguar’s products is costing them at least 100,000 sales annually and that “dramatic improvements” would be required to fix that.

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Jaguar’s biggest and most important task in the next few years will be to source an electric vehicle platform that fits its new strategy. For now, it is not known whether the automaker will rely on an in-house developed architecture or will source one from a third-party company. Meanwhile, the current generation of SUVs by the company will continue to be updated until the end of their lifecycles when they'll be retired.

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