Real estate investor Manny Khoshbin announced on his Instagram account that McLaren will build 20 units of the P1 with a full carbon fiber body.

Back in June last year we heard a rumor about the McLaren P1 getting an optional full carbon fiber body option and now exotic car collector Manny Khoshbin says he's going to send his Diamond White P1 back to McLaren's factory in Woking to receive carbon fiber body panels. He also mentioned only 20 cars will be available with the optional full carbon body package.

It is believed seven carbon fiber-bodied P1s are heading to United States while the rest of them are on their way to key markets all over the world. Details about the price tag are not available at this point but the aforementioned rumor from 2013 said it would cost £150,000 (about $233,700 or €190,200).

As a final note, we remind you Pagani is offering a similar option for the Huayra and it costs €112,500.

Note: McLaren P1 by MSO pictured.

McLaren will build 20 P1s with full carbon fiber body