The Hoonigan team is building a very unique Ford F-150 to destroy all tires. Welcome to the Ford Frightening, a 2Jz Swapped 2004 Ford Lightning pickup truck. The stock Ford F-150 Lightning packed a supercharged 5.4-liter V8, but as we know, nothing beats a built 2JZ swap if you want insane levels of power. The Hoonigan team may have their new engine mounted in the F-150, but there’s a lot of work left for them to make it to their scheduled dyno appointment.

Swapping in an engine from a completely different vehicle is difficult, to say the least. As it turns out the hundreds of factory workers, engineers, and manufacturing robots used by OEMs to build vehicles are pretty good a building cars. That’s why it takes a dedicated group of skilled builders to create a functioning vehicle in a garage like the unique Ford Frightening.

The F-150 Lightning may have returned to recent headlines as Ford’s all-new electric-powered truck for 2022, but in 2004 things were a little different. The F-150 Lightning used to be a loud V8-powered short bed single cab burnout machine meant to give customers a useable bed and Mustang levels of performance. To revisit and perfect this formula, the Hoonigan team decided it was time to add in one of the best engines on earth, the legendary 2JZ from the Toyota Supra.

The complete build requires a lot of custom fabrication since the 2JZ is a completely different design than the stock V8 the Lightning was built around. Tuning is also a big component of this build since the 2JZ has a larger turbo, larger injectors, and a custom air intake. We’re excited to see all of this hard work in action during the tuning session later on in the build.

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