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Matt’s Off-Road Recovery recently added the Morrvair to its fleet of rescue vehicles. While the all-terrain runabout began life as a Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood wagon, it’s now equipped to go over any terrain. The team recently took the Frankenstein off-roader to the Rubicon Trail to give it a proper workout.

To offer some perspective, the Rubicon is a 22-mile route that cuts through the Sierra Nevada outside Lake Tahoe. We’ve previously covered the custom-built Ford F-550 Super Duty that services the outhouses along the journey. As the ribbon of trail offers some of the most technical and beautiful driving in the country, Matt brought a group of family and friends with him to enjoy some fresh air. 

Despite running out of fuel on the way to the trailhead – flying blind without a functional fuel gauge – it’s clear that the Morrvair is right at home on the Rubicon. With 38-inch tires, all-wheel-drive, and more ground clearance than you’d know what to do with, no obstacle is too mighty for this machine.  

According to Matt, many of the technical sections are difficult to navigate without crushing low-hanging components including the differential and suspension tie rods. There also appeared to be no shortage of narrow sections that proved to be an extremely tight squeeze.

Despite the Rubicon’s notoriety as being one of the most demanding off-road excursions in the United States, the Morrvair handled the journey like a champ. Being such a unique machine, we’d wager that this could be the only Corvair to successfully navigate the trail. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments below if you have any evidence to the contrary.

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