Some camping trailers are all about a small, minimalist experience while others are literally a normal-sized home on wheels. A few trailers try to fit somewhere in the middle, but this impressive single-axle pop-up from Kimberley Kampers has us suitably impressed. It packs gobs of creature comforts in a properly small package, but it's also off-road capable.

What kind of comforts are we talking about? Depending on how you option out the Karavan, you get a full bathroom with a toilet and a hot-water shower, heat and air conditioning, a small interior kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, and induction cooktop, and a massive outdoor kitchen with a grill and sink of its own. It carries up to 41.8 gallons (190 liters) of water and for power, you get a maximum of 600 amp hours from onboard lithium batteries. 600 watts of solar power is also available, and depending on the configuration, the Karavan sleeps up to eight people.

Gallery: Kimberley Kampers Classic Karavan

All that said, here's where this crazy camper becomes a proper jaw-dropper. With everything folded in for transport, the Karavan is just over 17 feet long and roughly six feet wide. It's just shy of seven feet tall, and it's constructed of lightweight material so its unladen mass is approximately 3,700 pounds (1,680 kilograms). That's low enough for a modest SUV or mid-size truck to handle, and with its raised suspension and off-road capability, it's well-and-truly capable of extended off-grid adventures.

Kimberley Kampers has built all-terrain campers for upwards of a quarter-century in Australia, but they're now available for adventurers in the US market. Pricing for the entry-level Karavan Classic starts at $89,990, with the higher-spec Eco-Suite starting at $115,950. However, with the extensive level of customization and options available, final pricing will certainly vary.

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