The German police in North Rhine-Westphalia have released a press image depicting an Audi A4 featuring the letters "ACAB" in the license plate.

For those of you who are not familiar with the ACAB acronym, it stands for "all cops are bastards" and dates from the 1940s. Mettmann, North Rhine-Westphalia police released earlier this week an official press image to announce an increase in police patrols in that area but the PR department probably didn't pay too much attention to the car's license plates.

The funny image was shortly replaced by the police in Mettmann but was fast enough to grab it before being pulled down. Even though the acronym is more popular among English/American-speaking countries, many Germans are aware of its meaning.

Special thanks go to Lutz for sending us the tip!

Gallery: German police releases picture with Audi A4 wearing "ACAB" license plate

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