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Okay sports fans, it's trivia time. Who won Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, and who was the MVP for the Big Game? That's amateur trivia stuff – everyone knows the New York Giants led by MVP Eli Manning put the kibosh on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, winning 21 to 17. What does this have to do with cars? Manning's prize for being the MVP was a brand new 2012 Corvette, but here's what you probably don't know about that situation.

Jump back in time to February 5, 2012. The post-game ceremony was playing out on television, with veteran sports journalist Dan Patrick talking to Manning about the game. Speaking in obvious product placement mode, Patrick announces the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible Centennial Edition that comes with the MVP award, presenting it to Manning. However, while he's talking about the car Manning leaves the platform before Patrick can hand him the keys. That's some obscure football trivia for sure, but revisiting a video clip from the presentation, we see it happen point-blank around the seven-minute mark.

Big deal, right? Manning just won the freaking Super Bowl, of course he might be a bit distracted about something like a new 'Vette. But actually, a new report from Audacy points to a recent podcast that Patrick was on where he tells the story of what really happened there, and it wasn't a lapse of attention on Manning's part. He was in product placement mode as well, or rather, was trying to keep his own sponsor happy.

"He worked for some Toyota dealership and he didn’t want the keys," Patrick said on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz livestream show. "So we're on the podium in front of 100 million people; he walks off the podium as I'm reading the card saying 'Eli Manning, you are the winner of this black-on-black Corvette' but he left the podium. I have to turn and yell to him – on the podium – as he's walking down the steps to, 'hey, get your damn keys.'"

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For the record, Manning did take the 'Vette and if you want some more obscure trivia for football night, it was sold last year in a charity auction for COVID-19 relief. The winning bid was $140,000.

And now, you know the rest of the story. Back to your regularly scheduled automotive content.

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