British media is reporting Caterham will add three new models to their lineup sometime next year.

It’s been quite a while since we last heard something about specialty marque Caterham but now Autocar says three new models are on their way for a 2015 release and all of them will be based on the legendary Seven. The new cars are set to receive fresh names and will be slotted between the base model 160 and the 620R.

Caterham will drop the Supersport, Roadsport and Superlight monikers and these three new cars will benefit not only from styling tweaks but also from power upgrades compared to their respective predecessors.  All five Caterhams will eventually be available with optional R and S packages while the hardcore CSR model will live on as a standalone flagship model within Caterham’s range featuring a wider chassis, F1-like suspension and significantly different design.

The first of the three new models will be introduced in the spring of 2015. Further down the line, there's also going to be a brand new model that was initially co-developed with Renault until the deal fell through

Caterham to launch three models next year