Besides the 3-Series plug-in hybrid, BMW has introduced today during the Group Innovation Days 2014 a 5-Series GT prototype featuring eDrive and Twin Power Turbo technology.

BMW is providing a sneak preview of their future plug-in hybrid models which will eventually evolve to provide a massive combined output of more than 680 HP (500 kW) and a maximum torque exceeding 750 lb-ft (1,015 Nm). The electric motors part of the hybrid system get their energy from a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery which in the 5-Series GT has been installed both longitudinally at the back of the center tunnel and horizontally below the rear seat in an area in front of the rear axle.

A fully charged battery will be able to provide a maximum range of up to 62 miles (100 km) while the conventional engine can act as a generator to produce electricity or can work as a performance booster to power the front axle. In normal mode, the rear-mounted electric motor powers the rear wheels through a multi-speed gearbox. When used as a hybrid, the BMW 5-Series GT has an overall range of more than 370 miles (595 km).

There's also a front-mounted electric motor operated through the eight-speed automatic gearbox in which it has been incorporated granting the vehicle with an all-wheel drive system when necessary. The quoted 500 kW combined output is available when the two electric motors and the conventional engine work together.

BMW hasn't specified the weight of the car but taking into account they added two electric motors, a battery pack and the rest of the hybrid setup, it's safe to say it weighs significantly more than a regular 520d GT which tips the scales at 1,990 kg (4,387 lbs).

Check out the attached press release for more details.

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