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We find the General Motors Design Instagram page fascinating because it provides a glimpse behind the scenes of what the people sculpting the vehicles are thinking. This one is puzzling, though, because we can't really tell what this thing is supposed to be.

The angle that we are seeing this low-slung wedge only provides a look at the tiny rear window. There is seemingly no other view outside of the vehicle. The doors aren't present either.


The design pushes the wheels out to the extreme corners, and they poke outward from the body. There's a deep crease that runs from the front fender to the lower rear fender. There's also an odd indentation at the rear that adds some visual interest but doesn't seem to have a real function.

At the back, there's a two-section spoiler, and that window, which appears to be functionally useless. There are L-shaped taillights, a big rear bumper, and a large diffuser.

While the tail is reminiscent of a crossover, the rest of the vehicle has an overtly sporty look because of the pointy, wedge shape. It would be a striking vehicle on the road, although a camera system would be necessary to see anything.

Designers are always sketching ideas, and the vast majority of them make it anywhere near production. This sketch seems to fall into that category. A low-riding model like this isn't going to have much mass appeal in a world where crossovers and trucks rule the sales charts.

The hashtags on the post suggest the design is aimed at Cadillac. Given the design, maybe this could influence a future grand touring shooting brake, which is something that enthusiasts love to wish for but seldom actually purchase.

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