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German tuner Brabus has made a name for itself upgrading various Mercedes-Benz models, but for everything else, its subsidiary Startech will happily modify your high-end automobile. Their latest project is based on the new Land Rover Defender in the cutesy short-wheelbase "90" flavor, featured here in a two-tone finish with a lower white body and contrasting black pillars and roof.

The most obvious change compared to the standard Defender is noticeable at the back as Startech has removed the spare wheel for a cleaner appearance of the derrière. The fully exposed tailgate is adorned with a massive Union Jack featuring a monochromatic finish, which can be optionally painted in the colors of the United Kingdom flag to further drive the point home.

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The smallest of the new-era Defender rides on large 23-inch wheels with a hub cover to mimic the look of a centerlock wheel. The black alloys dubbed "Monostar E" have a dual 10-spoke design and come wrapped in Yokohama 305/35 R23 street tires on both front and rear axle. Some would argue these massive rims are overkill for the dinky off-roader as they'd work better for the long-wheelbase 110 or the upcoming larger three-row 130.

Startech also fiddled with the air suspension to play nice with the large wheels, and when the on-road mode is activated, the Defender sits approximately 35 millimeters (nearly 1.4 inches) closer to the road than the stock model. Ground clearance in off-road mode hasn't changed to avoid diminishing the SUV's capabilities off the beaten path.

The aftermarket specialist also spent some time developing a subtle body kit for the Defender 90 and says the interior can be customized with aluminum pedals and footrests as well as custom floor mats. At an additional cost, owners can opt for blue, black, or red anodized sets of bolts on the inside, while the silver aluminum panels on the door cards can be painted. "Virtually limitless variety of colors, quilting patterns, and upholstery designs" are available in leather and Alcantara.

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