In America, electric pickup trucks will soon be among us. Compact pickup trucks will also soon be a thing. How about compact electric pickups? If Alpha Motors Corporation can stay on track, the Wolf could be in a class by itself and now, the California-based company is teasing us even further with a crazy overlanding version of its planned pickup called the Wolf+ Cloudbreak.

The name Cloudbreak comes from a German-based company called Heimplanet, which specializes in camping and adventure gear. Alpha collaborated with Heimplanet to create a special version of the Cloudbreak geodesic tent that matches up with the Wolf, basically turning the back of the truck into the platform for which the tent is attached. Two access points at the back let adventure campers inside, and the structure itself is said to be extremely durable for extreme camping.

Gallery: Alpha Wolf + Cloudbreak

"Cloudbreak is a design we have been working on for quite a while," said Heimplanet Co-Founder Stefan Clauss. "We have been searching for the perfect structure that guarantees stability and offers comfortable access. Many structures offer either one or another but with this geodesic structure we found the perfect balance. For the collaboration with Alpha Motor Corporation, we adapted the shape to fit the dimension of the vehicle while allowing for two separated access points. The result is a unified vehicle and tent form while maintaining full functionality."

At this point, things are still theoretical. Alpha Motors unveiled its retrotastic Wolf pickup truck in March 2021, followed by the extended-cab Wolf+ in April. The base-model truck is said to turn just the front wheels with a single-motor design and check-in with a price of around $36,000. A dual-motor setup for all-wheel-drive will be offered, with targeted performance metrics of 6.2 seconds to 60 mph and a range of 275 miles.

Alpha doesn't say whether the Cloudbreak will maintain those stats while carrying its expansive tent, but we've yet to see any version of the Wolf in the flesh, so details are certainly still in flux. Similarly, there's no mention of whether this will be offered as a specific special-edition model, or as an accessory item that can be purchased for any Wolf.

As far as production goes, reservations are being taken for the electric truck but at this time, there's still no indication as to when test vehicles will be on the road, never mind production models.

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