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The 2022 Ford Maverick has garnered a lot of buzz for the automaker thanks to the truck’s affordable price and its plethora of neat features. One that could see a ton of creative uses is the Ford Integrated Tether System, FITS for short, designed so owners can install a host of accessories inside the truck. But Ford is going one step further with FITS by allowing owners to 3D print their own accessories for the pickup.

Ford is working to publicly publish the FITS slot geometry for open-source consumption, giving owners the capability to create and print their own accessories that go beyond what Ford offers. An available accessories package already includes cupholders, a storage or trash bin, a cord organizer, a double hook to hang bags, and under-seat storage dividers, with many more goodies in development at Ford. It’s located on the rear of the center console. The automaker says owners can store their accessories underneath the rear seats.

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There is little doubt owners will find extremely creative ways to use the FITS, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with. There’s also a good chance that the system could create a robust online community of creators sharing their ideas and printing blueprints. It also gives owners a bit of control over how they use their vehicles, which is always welcomed. Ford could have easily kept the FITS’ slot geometry a secret and pushed its own line of accessories.

We won’t have to wait long to see the FITS in action as the 2022 Ford Maverick is set to go on sale this fall. The automaker is already taking reservations for the pickup, which offers a lot for an affordable price. Its $19,995 starting price, excluding destination, comes well-equipped with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Ford Co-Pilot 360, two 12-volt power outlets, and a hybrid powertrain that offers an estimated 40 miles per gallon city rating. Talk about a winner.

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