We haven't heard much about Android Auto lately but Google has released a new video which highlights the upcoming technology.

While the clip is geared towards developers, it gives an overview of the system that will be supported by Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai - among others.

As the host Timothy Jordan explains, users can take advantage of Android Auto by visiting the Google Play Store and downloading a supported app to their smartphone. Once they connect their smartphone to an Android Auto equipped vehicle, their phone actives a Car Mode that "casts the Android Auto experience to the car's screen."

The home screen echoes Google Now and features familiar "cards." There's also a navigation bar which provides quick access to audio, communication and navigation functions.

While we don't see too many of the features in the video, the clip shows incoming text messages will pop up on the screen. The driver can then tap on the message and it will be read aloud. Drivers can then reply - or conduct a search - by clicking the microphone icon and speaking their response.


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