Sometimes, there's a legitimate reason for driving like a complete asshat. By that, we mean a reason that justifies the risk such as a medical emergency, or if you're in the secret agent business, getting across town to stop a maniac from blowing up a bridge just as VIPs are crossing it. Since we are eternal optimists at, we'll hold out hope that such noble reasons are present in this otherwise gross display of vehicular negligence.

Admittedly, that hope is thin because let's be honest – we see this sort of thing more often than we'd like and usually, the reasons are far more nefarious. Unfortunately, we have no other information to go on for this Ram C/V video save for the video itself. Internet sleuthing turned up nothing relating to a van literally slicing down a highway at full speed with only three tires on the ground. The video description tells us it happened back on May 19, and footage in the clip confirms it happened in California. We also know the van entered the highway missing its front tire, and the driver wasn't interested in going slow.

Obviously, driving any four-wheeled vehicle with a tire missing is risky but this is deceptively dangerous. The van is actually a Ram work version of the Dodge Grand Caravan, meaning its front wheels are tasked with steering, a majority of the braking, and getting power to the ground. The video opens with the van getting on the highway, and it's abundantly clear there's a concerning amount of difficulty just keeping it in a straight line. We don't see sparks, but the video description says it was sparking for a bit so not only was this van a danger to other vehicles on the road, it was also at risk of starting a wildfire.

The video doesn't give us a look at the driver, but the passenger seat appears empty. There's also some concerning damage around the driver-side fender that suggests the tire ripped itself apart in dramatic fashion at some measure of speed. Again, we hold out hope there's a good reason for all of this, but it's dim hope at best.

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