A video with a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta tuned by PP-Performance doing 350 km/h on public roads in Abu Dhabi and possibly driven by Sebastian Vettel has emerged onto the web.

The video was recorded by German journalist Matthias Malmedie who posted the video on YouTube with the description “Ich liebe #Vettel ! Kaum ist er offiziell bei #Ferrari unter Vertrag, fährt er sich in Abu Dhabi den Frust von der Seele:))) #f12”.

Our German isn't that great but he probably said "I love Vettel! As soon as he is officially under contract with Ferrari, he takes his frustration off his soul in Abu Dhabi."

The video showed up online only a few hours after Ferrari announced signing a three-year contract with Sebastian Vettel who is going to replace Fernando Alonso starting next season. Most likely Vettel wasn't behind the wheel as he is still under contract with Red Bull and in case he actually did 350 km/h on public roads, he's smart enough not to allow the video go public.

In addition, PP-Performance uploaded the same video on their Facebook account with the description: "a small exit with the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta tuned by PP-Performance" so it's likely a video recorded by one of the tuner's representatives.

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