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If you're planning to buy a Ford vehicle this month, pray to the heavens that the model you're eyeing isn't part of the upcoming list. According to a letter sent to dealers obtained by CarsDirect, the Blue Oval has raised prices on nearly all of its vehicle lineup in the US.

Note that we emphasize nearly as there are cars that aren't part of the price hike but ultimately, 11 Ford vehicles will get varying price increases by as much as $680. Worse, the price hikes are highlighted further by the fact that Ford has quietly removed all rebates on its cars, also according to CarsDirect.

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Let's begin the roundup of price increase with the EcoSport, which will get a $400 hike on all trim levels. The platform-mates, the Escape and Bronco Sport, will increase by $670 (on S trim) and $540 (on Outer Banks and Badlands), respectively. The Edge, on the other hand, will face a $500 increase on all trim levels.

As for the pony car, Ford will only be increasing the sticker price of the Mustang Mach 1 by $680. The Explorer and Expedition will both get a price hike by $250 and $600, respectively, and for all styles.

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For pickups, the midsize Ranger and the Super Duty trucks both get a $250 increase on all trim levels, while the Transit and Transit Connect (2022 model year) are also getting a $250 price hike on all styles.

Interestingly, Ford's popular vehicles such as the F-150, Bronco, and Mustang Mach-E are all safe from the price change. Lincoln vehicles, on the other hand, are also facing the same price increases, with the 2022 Aviator Reserve getting the highest hike at $905.

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