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Off-roading can be a fun and rewarding experience, but beaten-up trails and treacherous terrain can get even the most experienced off-roader stuck from time to time. That’s what happened to one lifted Ford Expedition attempting to make a u-turn. However, instead of heading in the other direction, the SUV got stuck between a rock and a mound of earth, which required Matt’s Off-Road Recovery to rescue it.

According to the driver, she was attempting to turn around and head back the way she’d come, though that didn’t quite work out as planned. Somehow, the Ford got wedged sideways on the trail, stuck between the dirt and rock, which got caught underneath its tall front bumper. When the recovery crew arrived, they tied a tow rope to the Expedition’s rear end and tugged it sideways, dislodging it from its precarious position with relative ease. It’s unlikely the driver would have been able to recover the Ford without some sort of assistance.

The recovery crew helped the driver turn the SUV around, and there didn’t appear to be any damage done to it visible in the video. However, watching the video did raise a few questions about how it got stuck in the first place, but the driver seemed to be a good sport about the entire ordeal. Everyone needs a hand now and then, and there’s little use crying over spilled milk. Or a stuck SUV.

This recovery was a bit different from others we’ve covered, where often the vehicle is struggling for traction after its buried its wheels in soft sand or dirt. As we’ve seen countless times, no off-road vehicle is immune from getting stuck. While off-road vehicles are quite capable of tackling challenging terrain, drivers do miscalculate and misjudge, getting themselves stuck and requiring a helping hand from a tow service or other off-roader.

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