Don't worry, reader. We are extremely happy to report there were no injuries resulting from this absolutely terrifying accident. It's beyond remarkable there weren't deaths, let alone injuries as three people were reportedly inside the small Suzuki SUV as this massive haul truck literally drove over them.

We caught the initial report and video on Reddit, and with some sleuthing we sussed out a few details. The incident took place on May 30, in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan according to Tengrinnews. The original source of the footage appears to come from Instagram, with the post (embedded below) combining in-car video and photos of the aftermath. The YouTube video at the top of the article also includes video and additional photos showing just how close these three occupants came to a very gruesome death.


Apparently, the SUV and its three-person crew were on-site to fix an air conditioner at the quarry. It's not clear if the repair work was slated for one of the massive haul vehicles at the site or an outbuilding, but it's abundantly clear that the Suzuki was parked in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was quite close to the big dump truck, and though an orange flag was tied to the SUV's antenna, it wasn't anywhere near high enough for the driver in the hauler to see.

In what could well be a scene pulled straight from a Final Destination movie, we see the dump truck's huge tires turn directly towards the SUV. For a few agonizing seconds the hauler remains still, then slowly moves towards the people in the truck. Screams soon follow and make no mistake – you're hearing the primal screams of people believing they are about to die. Fortunately the truck stops before completely driving over the SUV, and again, everyone inside survived to tell the tale.

That said, we doubt any of them will be returning to that quarry anytime soon.

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