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Ford wants to turn the Bronco into a whole new outdoor sub-brand with hundreds of available accessories for the two Bronco-branded SUVs it currently sells. In addition, Ford dealers will also build no fewer than 100 dedicated Bronco showrooms to sell all the current and upcoming derivatives of the off-road duo. Starting this month, the automaker will further expand the Bronco brand reach by launching a special off-road school for Bronco owners and order-holders.

Dubbed the Bronco Off-Roadeo, the off-road driving academy will open its first test center in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, near Austin on June 28. Each current or future owner of the Bronco or Bronco Sport will be given a training course and will be put to the test across 50 miles of curated trails over a day and a half. The visitors will have the chance to drive the Bronco in two- and four-door configurations, as well as the Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo School

Later this year, three more Off-Roadeo locations will open doors in Mt. Potosi, Nevada; Moab, Utah; and the Northeast United States. Each center will feature off-road tracks curated and designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr., Loren Healy, Bob Burns. Ford promises all four locations will challenge the visitors with “hardcore desert running, rock crawling, and trail riding.”

In addition to the standard program, Bronco owners will be invited to purchase and join other outdoor activities, including half-day kayaking, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking excursions.

“Bronco is more than a vehicle, it’s an outdoor brand, and the Bronco Off-Roadeo will help bring it to life,” said Lindsey Laporte, Bronco experiences manager. “It’s an immersive experience, and Bronco owners will come away with a greater level of off-road skills and a more thorough understanding of Bronco capability, all while being introduced to the Bronco Nation community.”

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