BMW has started a pilot project which aims to determine whether or not wearable technology can improve the quality of their cars.

The project is currently underway at the company's Spartanburg plant and calls for employees to wear Google Glass so they can record tests in pre-series vehicles. BMW says this could be helpful as photos and videos can provide a "better, faster and clearer way to analyze and correct" problems and potential deviations.

As BMW explains, "Previously, potential issues identified in pre-series vehicles were documented in writing. Oftenenough, the problem description was too vague, thus prompting further questions from the responsible specialist department in about one in four cases."

BMW hopes to eliminate this with photo and video documentation. The company is also planning to add a video call feature to Glass so potential questions can be discussed "right there and then."

The automaker goes on to say the technology could be useful in conducting quality assurance tests during final assembly. As they point out, employees have to conduct 10-25 individual tests and then go back and forth between the car and a terminal to record their results. However, with Google Glass, employees could conduct tests and sign them off on them with voice commands without ever having to leave the vehicle.

Check out the press release for additional information

BMW aims to improve vehicle quality with Google Glass