We’ve seen many camper conversions through the years - from super expensive ones to affordable projects. Many of these conversions were based on different Ford vehicles but this is actually the first time we see such a cheap conversion of a large Ford van. The video at the top of this page presents a camper conversion with a $10,000 budget that is based on a used Ford Econoline van.

Before we get to the project itself, let’s talk a little about its owner and creator. Chase Christopher runs the Road to Ridge website where he details the modifications he does to his camper vehicles together with his pal Jared Carlisle. On his YouTube channel, he uploads camper tip videos with his Subaru Outback camper that was a “natural progression” from a high-riding Toyota Tacoma “to sleeping in the back of that Subaru formed the beginning of the idea that became Road to Ridge.”

Now, it’s time for a new project. It started with a 2009 Econoline E150 passenger van equipped with a 4.6-liter V8 engine that has 160,000 miles on the odometer. Not the fastest vehicle on the road, obviously, but it surely makes up in longevity. Power is sent to the rear wheels so not exactly perfect for winter camping but at least it came with a set of studded tires.

The whole work started with removing the two rows of seats behind the driver and passenger seats, followed by a full preparation of the base to get it rust-free before the flooring was installed. The floor was the only straight thing in the entire van as far as the build is concerned, as Chase explains in the video, so fitting the flooring was probably not too difficult.

Onboard this Ecoline camper has a small kitchenette with a tiny sink and a hand pump faucet with a six-gallon freshwater tank. Of course, there’s also a 12-volt refrigerator and a bed with a decent size even for two grownups. All in all, the entire project took Chase about three weeks to finish from A to Z with a total budget of around $10,000. Impressive!

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