Ever since Ford introduced the Godzilla as a crate engine, we've seen many tuners have their way into the monstrous mill and tune it to astronomical numbers. We've seen the new massive pushrod engine, which was designed for the 2020 Ford F-250 truck, to put out up to 1,015 horsepower (757 kilowatts) with the use of supercharging.

Meanwhile, a twin-turbo Godzilla setup by Merkel Racing Engines also saw up to 1,114 hp (830.7 kW) of total power output.

While those numbers are impressive, it looks like Ford is making its own force-inducted Godzilla engine. That's if we were to believe the exclusive report coming from Ford Authority.

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According to sources familiar with the automaker’s research and development project, a twin-turbo Godzilla is currently being tested for Ford Super Duty trucks. There isn't any power output disclosed, but the sources describe the force-fed engine in development as a "monster."

With two turbos in place, we can expect massive torque output from the Godzilla engine, although we highly doubt it will go beyond the 1,050 pound-feet (1,424 Newton-meters) twists of the current Power Stroke turbodiesel mill.

But one thing's for sure, it will likely be available as a crate engine if ever it reaches production.

For the uninitiated, the naturally-aspirated, pushrod Godzilla V8 has a displacement of 445 cubic inches or 7.3 liters. It makes 430 hp (320 kW) and 475 lb-ft (644 Nm) of torque at 4,000 RPM, designed to be a workhorse mill with a diesel-like powerband.

Ford Performance hasn't been really stale with its development of the Godzilla engine. Towards the end of last year, Mike Goodwin teases a "super secret project" called the Megazilla that will push out more power than stock. Whether the twin-turbo project and the Megazilla are one and the same is still a mystery at this point. For now, all we can do is wait for an official announcement.

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