Who doesn't appreciate a snazzy watch? Better yet, what affluent auto enthusiast doesn't appreciate a snazzy watch from a high-end automaker? Bugatti now offers three sharp timepieces in a new smartwatch collection that are packed with cool tech, but here's the best part. With pricing on-par with a high-end Apple Watch, you don't have to be an affluent person to buy one.

The new watch collection carries the ceremonious name of Bugatti Ceramique Edition One. Three distinct styles are named for three of Bugatti's current special-edition models; Pur Sport, Divo, and Le Noire. Yes, we know Le Noire isn't exactly La Voiture Noire, but you get the idea. Each smartwatch is outfitted with the same 390 x 390 pixel LED touchscreen and contains over 1,000 components inside. Being smartwatches, they're packed with functionality that includes everything from GPS location to health monitoring, and yes, it can monitor and record lap times while you're having fun at Spa, Monza, or your neighbor's backyard dirt track.

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The watches are technically a product of Austria-based VIITA Watches, known for creating modern-style premium smartwatches with all kinds of tech and modest battery life. Bugatti says its Ceramique Edition One watches can go up to 14 days between charges, and if there's a problem, the lineup is covered with a five-year warranty.

"At Bugatti we continue to drive innovation in leading-edge technologies, this is why we are excited about our new collaboration with VIITA Watches," said Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann. "We only select partners who match Bugatti’s benchmark levels of performance, high quality, and design execution, with no room for compromise, as our customers expect nothing less than perfection. The Bugatti smartwatch line offers utmost luxury, bespoke software, and features embedded in highest quality materials."

As for the cost, early-bird buyers can order up the smartwatch of their choosing for €899. At current conversion rates that translates to around $1,100, which certainly isn't throwaway money but it's surprisingly in-line with similar premium smartwatches that don't wear a Bugatti logo.

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