The Lucid Air is an upcoming luxury electric sedan that aims to compete with vehicles like the Tesla Model S, Porche Taycan, and forthcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS. In a new video, Derek Jenkins, the company's senior vice president for design and brand, walks viewers through the vehicle's sophisticated software user experience.

The layout features a floating display that measures 34 inches long on top of the dashboard. This screen has three distinct sections. The farthest to the left is for vital controls, like operating the headlights, windshield wipers, and defrosters. The part in the middle is for the adaptable instrument cluster for information like speed and range. The area on the right is for multimedia and navigation.

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On the center stack, there's a tablet that Lucid calls the Pilot Panel. It shows the controls for the vehicle systems, HVAC system, interior lighting, and seats.

The key behind Lucid's software suite is adaptability to what the driver needs. There is a toggle switch and buttons on each side of the steering wheel, in addition to a dial between the screens on the center stack. These are for folks who prefer physical controls. Drivers can use Amazon Alexa voice controls, too.

The right section of the upper screen and the Pilot Panel can also work together. Swiping downward on the higher display sends the info to the larger, lower one, including expanding the amount of info that's visible that's to the larger area.

The cabin has Dolby Atmos sound technology that can place sound around the vehicle. Lucid uses this to make alerts sound like where the danger is. For example, if there's a car in the blind spot on your right, then the warning tone comes from that side.

The range-topping Air Dream Edition retails for $169,000 before tax credits, but reservations are already closed for this model. At the other end of the spectrum, the base model goes for $77,400. In the middle, the Touring goes for $95,000 and the Grand Touring for $139,000.

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