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FuelTech is developing a twin-turbocharged Chevrolet Corvette C8 to see how quickly the team can get it to go down the drag strip. This video showcases the latest development and shows the 'Vette lifting the front wheels when launching down the quarter-mile.

FuelTech's twin-turbo C8 previously made 1,075 horsepower (802 kilowatts) at the wheels and was able to cover the quarter-mile in 9.72 seconds at 146 miles per hour (235 kilometers per hour). For this new test, the best run of the day had the twin-turbo C8 covering the quarter-mile in 9.615 seconds at 147.81 mph (237.9 kph). Another attempt was 9.667 seconds at 148.1 mph (238.24 kph).

During several launches in this video, the 'Vette manages to lift its front wheels high enough to do a brief wheelie. The testing now has the car's 60-foot times down to 1.38 seconds.

To make this performance possible, the team adds a shot of nitrous to make the launch even quicker. As the turbos reach their peak of 21 psi of boost, the dose of nitrous tapers off. Unlike most high-performance turbocharged engines, this setup doesn't have an intercooler. Instead, using methanol fuel helps cool the incoming air, according to FuelTech. Other modifications include a Dodson clutch and GForce Engineering rear axles. 

FuelTech's goal with this vehicle is to develop the electronic fuel injection and engine management systems that it sells. The Corvette runs the business's FT600 ECU to control the fuel and timing. The team can also modify the OEM powertrain control unit for modifying shifting, transmission pressure controls, and clutch adjustments. A data logger and a variety of sensors let the crew monitor a variety of parameters, including the exhaust gas temperature for each cylinder.

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