This decked out Ford puts the super in Super Duty.

When you think of Yellowstone National Park, gorgeous mountain landscapes or majestic geysers likely come to mind. Others might conjure images of the park exploding in a massive volcanic eruption, because there is a supervolcano powering all those hot springs. One thing you probably don't think of is perhaps the most badass mail delivery truck of all time. But alas, you'll find that at the park as well, if you know where to look.

Say hello to the superest Ford Super Duty that ever hauled the mail. Seriously, this is a specialized Ford F-550 that obviously has upgraded suspension, a utility box instead of a standard bed, and yes, tires that are slightly oversized. By that, we mean ridiculously oversized – 22 inches wide, or specifically, 560/60R 22.5 according to The Drive. As a quick refresher on tire-speak, 560 is the width from side to side in millimeters, with 60 representing a percentage of that width for the sidewall height. With all the number crunching, that equates to a sidewall of 13 inches. All in all, these tires are 49 inches tall.

Gallery: Ford Super Duty At Yellowstone National Park

Photo Credit: Yellowstone National Park

Still, beefy tires alone won't get you through deep snow. The width certainly offers some flotation, but The Drive further states the F-550 has a highly modified suspension that includes an eight-inch lift, upgraded axles, and with such wide rubber jutting out well beyond the fenders, special fender flares keep debris from pelting the sides. You'll also notice the rather aggressive-looking front bumper, which actually does more than just bump things. A step is built into it so one can actually access the 6.7-liter diesel under the hood.

But why does Yellowstone National Park need such a delivery vehicle for winter? There are actually full-time residents of the park, and when the post office branches close for the harsh months, this truck comes into play. A 150-mile round trip journey is made twice a week to deliver both mail and supplies to these decidedly rural residents. And we bet not a single journey in this truck is ever routine.

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