We've seen several motorhomes and expedition vehicles in the past, but this one from Unicat is probably the niftiest of them all. German motorhome-builder Unicat calls it the IN36HD, and it's more than just a huge blob of metal that you take off the grid.

At one glance, you might think that this is just a weird Volvo FH12 truck with an orange and brown two-tone paint theme, but it actually has more to offer inside.

With a Volvo truck as a base, Unicat incorporated four independent suspensions with hydrostatic system on it, which makes it a very outdoorsy rig. Even better, it comes with a four-wheel steering system.

If that four-wheel steering sounds familiar, it's the same system found on the GMC Hummer EV and its Crab Walk feature.

With that said, the Unicat IN36HD can do the same maneuvers as the returning Hummer can, which is very useful considering this rig's size. Speaking of size, the truck measures 8,775mm (345.5-inch) long without the bicycle rack, 2,492mm (98.1-in) wide, 3,976mm (156.5-in) tall. The bike rack extends the length to an additional 580mm (22.8 in), plus there's a retractable grill for some sausages or franks.

With fresh water and fuel tanks filled, the IN36HD has a curb weight of as much as 37,920 pounds (17,200 kilograms). 

Inside the truck is where it gets more interesting. Apart from the house-like premises, the newest Unicat has a lifting roof function, which turns the motorhome into a loft-type living space. It has a lot of room and even opens up several windows as the roof gets lifted. With a seating capacity of six inside and two permanent beds, this motorhome is practically a livable house on wheels.

Watch the video on top of this page for a complete tour of the Unicat IN36HD and see what we mean.

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