The standard 2 Series Coupe hasn't been revealed yet in its next-gen iteration, but we've already seen our fair share of spy shots of the M2. A new report from BMWBLOG aims to shed light on how the smallest M car will evolve for the G87 model expected to debut sometime next year and go on sale in 2023.

Likely the last (relatively) small M car to skip electrification, the new M2 is reportedly following the same model structure used by the M4. The base variant will be followed by Competition, CS, and possibly a CSL derivative further down the line. Even in its standard configuration, the performance coupe is claimed to have 450 horsepower and a little over 400 pound-feet (542 Newton-meters) of torque.

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To please both worlds, BMW is keeping the manual transmission alive for the next M2 and is offering the clutch pedal alongside an optional setup with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Although not mentioned in the report, the coupe is likely going to be a tad larger and heavier like it has happened with the M4. A carbon fiber roof should offset some of the weight gains and lower the center of gravity as well for better handling.

According to the same report, customers will get to pick from a variety of 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels. Speaking of customization, Individual colors are allegedly making their debut on the M2 for those looking to spend extra for a more exclusive paint job currently being reserved for the bigger and more expensive models.

BMW is also making some important changes in terms of production as the Euro-spec M2 will be manufactured at the Leipzig factory in Germany while the North American version is going to be assembled in Mexico at the San Luis Potosi factory. The latter has been operational since 2019 with the current-generation 3 Series Sedan and has a production capacity of up 175,000 vehicles per year.

The new M2 is said to enter production in December 2022 and will follow the already teased regular 2 Series Coupe debuting in just a few weeks.

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