Are normal tires too boring for you? Well then maybe the spring wheel created by Youtuber Garage 54 will be of interest to you. Back in the early days of the car, numerous interesting inventions were tried and most failed. One such experience was a wheel made of springs.

The spring wheel was meant to give drivers a comfortable ride while skipping the air needed for pneumatic tires. Although spring wheels never went mainstream that doesn’t me we don’t want to see one in action.

Building a spring wheel starts with a set of tiny springs that are then welded around a smaller steel wheel. The outside of the springs is wrapped in a metal sheet and then covered with tire rubber for grip. This simple concept may sound like a good idea on paper but does it work in the real world?

Well if spring wheels were indeed better than normal tires don’t you think you’d see them everywhere? Today’s modern tires are superb distillations of decades of development and continue to improve every year. Back in the early days of cars when the first spring wheel surfaced the air-filled pneumatic tire was still a new concept.

Today tire manufacturers are pursuing unique airless tire designs but these concepts have yet to make it to mass production cars. These tire designs have found popularity with ride-on lawnmowers and could eventually see use on your next car.

For now, the spring wheel is simply a fun concept to make for an interesting YouTube video and doesn’t make any sense for real-world applications. That doesn’t mean I would like to see Garage 54 make an entire set of four wheels and test out a full spring wheel driving experience.

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