The return of iconic nameplates has become rampant these days – and they sell. The Ford Bronco is back and with a smaller crossover in tow. The F-150 Lightning is another returning name from the Blue Oval, while the Grand Wagoneer ushers a comeback from Jeep.

On the General Motors side of things, there's the Blazer, while the return of the Hummer as an EV under GMC's wing is probably the most electrifying (excuse the pun).

But what if GM decides to bring back the Chevelle nameplate? And more importantly, what if it were to look like this?


As it turns out, there was an existing sketch around seven years ago from within the General Motors Design Center, and it's for the modern Chevelle. Now before you react violently, remember that this was just a sketch, and an old one at that, which means that it may or may not happen in real life.

The artist for this drawing is none other than Brian Malczewski, the lead exterior designer at GM. If he sounds familiar, he's the one responsible for the GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV's design He's also the one who sketched the great-looking low-slung hatchback that we featured before, created around the time this new Chevelle was penned.

Malczewski's interpretation of a modern Chevelle is far from what the '60s superstar looked like, of course. Its coupe silhouette kind of inching towards a Camaro-like appeal, while the face certainly harkens to the Blazer's grille.

Then again, this is just a sketch like I mentioned. It's not an indication that the nameplate is coming back nor a confirmation that GM is already working on it.

But if it were to come back looking like this, would you have loved it? Share your thoughts below.

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