Lexus European chief Alain Uyttenhoven has shed some light about the next generation LS due in 2016.

Talking to British magazine Autocar, Uyttenhoven said the new LS will remain the company's range-topping model and is set to become "more emotional" which probably means it will get a differentiated design compared to the rest of the range.

He also ruled out the possibility of adopting the liftback silhouette of the Porsche Panamera but did say “it's not good for the brand to have Russian doll styling", indicating it will get a more polarizing design to make the car stand out.

Until a new LS, Lexus is cooking up the next generation RX set to come out next year in a larger size compared to the current model but will still allegedly be a five-seater. Further down the line, a smaller crossover to slot below the NX could be planned as a rival to the Mercedes-Benz GLA, but Uyttenhoven did warn they "will never chase volume at any cost."

Gallery: 2016 Lexus LS to become "more emotional"

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