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The best part of owning a Corvette is the ability to customize your car. Corvettes have some of the most passionate owners who love to modify their corvettes to meet their own unique style. Youtuber Chevy Dude found one of the most unique C7 Corvettes in existence. This highly customized convertible C7 ZR1 Corvette has been tweaked and changed to meet the owner's exact taste.

Now it’s important to remember that cosmetic upgrades are hard to look at objectively. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although this highly modified C7 may not fit into your idea of beauty, the owner is very proud of his unique C7 ZR1. Make sure you try and count how many ZR1 badges are present on this Corvette.

The owner of the C7 ZR1 number 713 of 2500 units produced quite a lot of passion for his car. The owner was one of 41 individuals who were allowed to build their own engine at the Bowling Green plant under the supervision of the plant manager. This incredible experience was shared with the owner’s son who got to share an incredible father-son experience that defines the special nature of this car. The 755 horsepower LT5 V8 found under the C7 ZR1’s bulging hood is one of the greatest engines ever built by Chevy and a high point for internal combustion engines.

Automotive passion and sharing your car with others is what defines auto enthusiasm and we’re seeing this on full display in Chevy Dude’s walkaround video. Sure, this Corvette isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t matter because it was built for this owner who loves his car very deeply. If you don’t like the styling that’s ok because chances are your car isn’t’ fast enough to even catch this C7 ZR1 anyway.

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