All those reports of a new Mazda RX were apparently in vain as the company's CEO says there’s no such plan on the agenda.

In an interview with Automotive News, Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai said that instead of investing in a new RX model, the company will focus on improving the array of SKYACTIV technologies. He went on to specify that Mazda's lineup is currently almost stretched to the maximum and instead of coming out with additional models they will bring improvements to the current ones.

Rather than introducing low-volume high-priced models like a new RX, Kogai wants to make money with more mainstream models that sell in significantly bigger volumes. Talking about the RX, Mazda's CEO clearly specified that "we don't have that kind of vehicle in our future product plan."

While his decision makes sense, some will disagree by saying any automaker out there needs a halo car to build image which will ultimately boost sales of lesser models.

Mazda CEO officially rules out RX rebirth