A severely damaged Ferrari Enzo built in 2003 is being auctioned online, with the current bid standing at $376,000.

You certainly won't find a Ferrari Enzo cheaper than this but bear in mind it needs some serious repairs which according to the ad are estimated to cost a whopping $870,612. The listing mentions a post-repair estimated retail value of $2,364,969 so if we were to judge solely by these numbers it should prove to be one heck of a deal for someone with enough funds to buy and repair the supercar.

Ferrari built only 399 units of the Enzo and this particular car was assembled in 2003 and covered just 2,215 miles (3,564 km) before being involved in what we assume was a heavy crash. There's no word about the accident but the car sustained some serious damages to the entire right side, including suspension, rear wheel, door, side skirts, front & rear fenders and undercarriage while on the inside we notice the airbags were deployed in the impact.

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