UPDATE: Ford's Jim Farley tweeted that orders are now up to 44,500 in less than 48 hours.

There are already 20,000 reservations for the Ford F-150 Lightning less than a day since the electric pickup's debut. Company CEO Jim Farley dropped the news during an interview with CNBC (watch it below).

Farley also says that the company is working on in-sourcing battery development. "They are too strategically important for the company and their build and material cost is so high. We need to bring the cost down," he told CNBC.


Ford is taking Lightning refundable reservations for $100 on its website. The electric pickup starts at $39,974. Although, EV incentives can make the cost far lower. The mid-tier XLT is $52,974, and the range-topping, extended-range Platinum is $90,474.

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The F-150 Lightning is available in two powertrain configurations. The standard-range model has 426 horsepower (318 kilowatts) and 775 pound-feet (1,051 newton-meters) of torque. It has an estimated range of 230 miles. The extended-range variant has 563 hp (420 kW) and 775 lb-ft (1,051 Nm). The pack provides an estimated 300 miles on a charge.

Ford's numbers say that the more powerful version can reach 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. There an electric motor powering each axle for all-wheel drive.

The standard-range model can tow 5,000 pounds in the standard form or 7,700 pounds with an optional package. It has a payload rating of 2,000 pounds. The extended-range version can pull 10,000 pounds, but the heavier battery causes the payload to fall to 1,850 pounds.

One of the Lightning's more intriguing features is the optional Charge Station Pro home charger. It allows an owner to plug the vehicle into a home with an AC-DC inverter to run appliances using electricity from the vehicle's batteries. Ford claims it can provide up to three days' worth of power.

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