Pleasure-Way has a new, modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that it calls the Recon 4X4 adventure van for folks looking to take an expedition into the wilderness. The rig goes on sale this summer with prices starting at $171,600.

The Recon 4X4 uses the all-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter as its starting point. There are 11 inches of ground clearance and no water lines, tanks, or valves underneath the vehicle to get caught on obstacles.

Gallery: Pleasure-Way Recon 4×4 Adventure Van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

This rig is for folks who enjoy off-road adventures. To carry all the necessary gear, there is a storage garage in the back that measures 72 inches long by 44 inches wide. There is an L-track tie-down system on the floor for securing everything.

This rear area also has a fold-down murphy bed that is 70 inches by 72 inches. Even when deployed, there is still 54 cubic feet of cargo space below it. To maximize storage, there are cargo nets on the walls near the roof for securing items.

The shower doubles as a storage area for gear. The idea is that if you have a wetsuit, skiing gear, or boots then you could put the stuff in there to drip dry. There's also a five-gallon cassette toilet.

There's a 40-gallon fresh-water tank below the rear floor. The HVAC system circulates air around it to prevent the water from freezing when camping in cold areas.

The walls of the Recon have 3M Thinsulate insulation. A Truma VarioHeat furnace keeps occupants warm in chilly temperatures.

For power, there is a 400 amp-hour battery bank and 400 watts of roof-mounted solar panels. There's also a 2,000-watt Pure-sine wave inverter. Two, 10-inch touchscreen control panels allow for monitoring the whole system, including info on the power consumption and a real-time estimation of the time remaining given the current utilization.

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