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The new BMW M3 Competition, despite the huge lung grille, is a brutally fast version of the compact sedan. Caveats notwithstanding, it's a powerful machine and in the words of our Senior Editor in the M3 Competition's First Drive Review, it "absolutely hauls ass." And he was talking about the rear-wheel-drive version. Lest we forget, the M3 Competition xDrive is already available, rated to be a tad quicker than the tail-happy models.

But if you still aren't convinced about the M3 Competition, regardless if it's the RWD or the AWD, BMW might have something even more hardcore for you.

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According to BMWblog's sources, the G80 BMW M3 is getting a Competition Sport version or what's commonly known as the CS. While that's good news and all, we're not really surprised, considering that BMW has already discussed before that there will be more nameplates to get the CS designation. That, and the fact that the F80 M3 has a CS version in 2018.

Details aren't generous in the report put out by the Bimmer-focused website, but the upcoming G80 BMW M3 CS is believed to get improved weight, which has always been the case with the CS models.

A few questions came out because of the report, though. Will the BMW M3 CS come with xDrive all-wheel-drive system for the first time? Or will it make do with the tail-happy configuration? And the most important question for enthusiasts – will it come with a manual transmission?

For now, these are questions that will be left unanswered, but BMWblog believes that both – stick shift and RWD – will be the case so the M3 CS will shave more weight. Let's just hope that Munich will remain faithful with its CS recipe in the G80 model.

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